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… to the portal for Distant Angel, a shining example of the kind of content that one man can be responsible for generating whilst bored, and the most compelling evidence against allowing him to continue owning a broadband connection.

I've been doing this for 28 years now and everything is slowly, but surely, falling into some kind of order; along with the old stuff that's being dragged out of the archive for a makeover, there's plenty of new things to enjoy. Scroll down and see … look, there they are!

So, stick around … there's bound to be something here you might enjoy, and keep checking back (follow me on Twitter).

There's plenty more to come, I promise …

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Personal Sites

distant angel archive

Fresh from the dusty old chest in the cellar, content long (and probably best) forgotten.

entrance to hades

A resource for Jet Set Willy: Online, including the unique Route Planner, complete room information and maps, and the JSW:O Alert extension for Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, and SeaMonkey

fragile little mind

Plymouth-based metal / goth / industrial band, with photos, lyrics, and all songs available for free download.

intermittent explosive disorder

Funny songs ... or else ...

rant in a-minor

Loud, rude words about religion (and other annoyances)

Sites for other people

bentley carr

Author and overgrown child.